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Vulnerability Management

Identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across the enterprise and protect critical assets with risk-based prioritization and remediation guidance.

We know vulnerability management can be a daunting and time-consuming process for any business. Furthermore, not remediating vulnerabilities within an effective timeframe leaves your business at a much larger risk and could potentially cost you millions of dollars. CyberLake Security’s team of experts helps identify assets within your business, monitor those assets for vulnerabilities, provide remediation steps for those vulnerabilities, and provide your company with metrics around those actions. Do not let vulnerability management be a cumbersome process for your business that leaves you exposed. Schedule a consultation to understand how CyberLake Security can help increase your organization’s security posture.


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Why Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities are ever-changing. Even as the present vulnerabilities are fixed, newer ones emerge. So it’s important to keep a tab on the emerging vulnerabilities.

At any given point in time, an enterprise may be having several hundreds to millions of vulnerabilities. But all of them do not expose the enterprise to the same kind of risk.

Some may be high risk and need to be fixed on a priority basis, while others may be low risk and do not require immediate attention.

CyberLake security professionals will help your organization understand business risk as it relates to corporate objectives. We will assist in defining mitigation strategy to reduce business impact.

To safeguard their enterprise, cyber defenders in an organization need to identify, analyze, remediate and report vulnerabilities on a continuous basis.

The organized practice of proactively identifying, analyzing, and remediating vulnerabilities is known as Threat Vulnerability Management and is an essential part of an enterprise’s strong cybersecurity posture.

The first step in the NIST Framework is Identifying what you have. That is why our team of cyber professionals provide you with the best plan in tackling asset identification.

The third step of the NIST Framework is to Detect potential gaps or threats. Vulnerability discovery is a crucial step in making sure we identify the gaps before attackers do!

The forth step of the NIST Framework is to Respond. CyberLake Security provides you with the most ideal solution to effectively tackle the gaps in your environment.

John David

We brought CyberLake in to help assess our security posture and design a vulnerability management program. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them to any business.

Jackson Lee

I hired CyberLake Security to assist me in assessing a client’s security. They provided great security consulting services and consistantly kept me in the loop. I will definitely use them again.

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