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Active Directory Security

Maximize Your Active Directory Investments

Microsoft Active Directory is the backbone at many business and government organizations worldwide.  Many recent cyber security breaches have targeted Active Directory.  These involved the compromise and abuse of an Active Directory privileged user account.


Inventory all objects, policies, and configurations


Analyze relationships between objects, permissions, and access rights


Clean up stale and unneeded objects to limit risk and exposure


Monitor and protect critical objects from unauthorized access and changes


Organizations Worldwide

Utilize Active Directory


Of all breaches involve

Access to Privileged Accounts

Our Approach

Cyberlake has unique focus on assessing enterprise Active Directory and Windows platform security. Our approach is to identify modern threats in an organizations that are not stopped by traditional security measures. Cyberlake then builds a defense plan for the organization based on three primary components: Detection, Mitigation, and Prevention.

Cyberlakes team uses various tools discover misconfigurations and the permissions accumulated over many years. We then identify potential attack paths that can be abused and provide recommendations customized for the environment that can be implemented quickly or phased in over time to mitigate them.

Companies often lack the IT resources to keep Active Directory environments properly supported. This can lead to poor configurations that allow staff, former employees or threat actors unauthorized access to resources.

Establish best practices to ensure your Active Directory environment’s security and performance.

Our deep knowledge, experience, and understanding of Active Directory help you harness its power, delivering secure, robust capabilities.

Kane Williamson

Cyberlake Security came in for a security assessment on our Active Directory infrastructure. They were highly professional, provided amazing results, and had a quick turn around.

Jackson Lee

I hired CyberLake Security to assist me in assessing a client’s security. They provided great security consulting services and consistantly kept me in the loop. I will definitely use them again.

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